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Why Your A/C Unit Isn't Cooling: What To Do Next

Temperatures are slowly starting to inch their way up here in Arkansas as spring has made its way here to the natural state. With increases in temperatures, comes time to flip the switch to the A/C unit for the first time this year. But, what happens when your unit starts blowing hot air instead of cool? It could be a few different issues, so let’s take a look at the most common reasons your A/C isn’t blowing cold.

First up, it could be your thermostat. It may be little but it plays a big part in the function of your A/C unit. The good news is that it’s usually a pretty easy fix if it's to blame. It could be a simple troubleshoot to get it back up and running, or it could be a few wires that are getting crossed. To check, you’ll want to go ahead and try to turn it off and then it on again first. If this doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to call out our team at Troutman Heat & A/C for a visit. It could just be that you need a new thermostat, but we’ll be able to give it a good look over to see what the root of the problem really is.

Next, your refrigerant could be low. Refrigerant is responsible for absorbing the heat and treating the air to keep it cool. When it gets too low, your condenser isn’t able to cool the air feeding into it resulting in warm air coming through your vents. What could be the cause of low refrigerant? It could be due to a leak or a malfunction in your unit. If you see ice forming outside on your lines or system, you’ll need to give us a call ASAP. This isn’t something you’ll want to handle as a DIY job because refrigerant is a toxic substance and can be harmful if you’re not a professional technician trained on using it or working around it.

It could also be due to dirty evaporator coils. Yep, it sounds simple but it’s very common for A/C units to blow warm air due to dirty coils on the inside of your HVAC or the outside condenser coils. This could come from an air filter that hasn’t been changed in a while or potential debris that’s landed on, in, or around your unit. Either way, you don’t want dirty coils spoiling your cold air when the weather starts warming up. Call a professional to get this taken care of for you, ASAP.

Last but certainly not least, your electrical wiring could be at the root of your cooling problem. If your breaker has blown, or there’s too much power on the circuit, it could shut down your unit and limit the amount of airflow coming from your system. Again, when it comes to electrical wiring and your A/C unit, you’ll want to avoid any sort of DIY jobs here to avoid any potential electrocution danger or injuries. That’s where we’re happy to help being licensed professionals!

If you’re stuck wondering why your A/C unit is blowing hot air, please give our trusted team of technicians a call at Troutman Heat & Air!

Call us today at 501-350-3790. We look forward to hearing from you!

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