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My AC Is Frozen, Now What?

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Is your AC freezing up on you? You’re not alone as this is a frequent occurrence for many homeowners, especially during the warmer months of the year. Despite the fact that the temperatures can be well above freezing outside, frozen evaporator coils can turn your cool house into a heat locker, quick, fast, and in a hurry on a hot summer day.

No one has time for that, right?

What causes an AC to freeze?

Air conditioners work by expanding refrigerant inside the evaporator coil so that it cools down. Then, it’s meant to leave the unit and cool your home by removing the hot air inside your house. If your system is not functioning as it should, the system is thrown off. This causes the evaporator coil to cool the refrigerant a little too much, leading to freezing temperatures and freezing the coil over.

How can you prevent frozen coils?

Most importantly, you'll want to keep your air filters clean and dust-free. You’ll need to do this by changing out your air filters about once a month or so. This helps to keep your system functioning as it should by avoiding airflow problems.

When to call a professional?

If you’re dealing with refrigerant leaks or mechanical issues with your system, it’s best to contact an AC professional, like our team at Troutman Heat & Air.

Is your AC unit giving you fits? We can help! Call Troutman Heat & Air today to schedule a professional inspection and maintenance of your A/C at 501-350-3790.

Troutman Heating & Air has over 30 years of experience. During these 30 years, Jerry Troutman, owner, has developed the skills to repair all makes and models of heat pumps, conventional gas furnaces, and air conditioning systems. He can all change out your AC or Heat Units and install a new one.

Troutman Heat & Air is the right company to call when you need residential or commercial assistance with your Air Conditioning or Heater!

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