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How Often Should You Replace Your A/C Unit?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

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If it's come time for you to list your home or simply just make a few home improvements, your A/C unit may be on your list of pending upgrades. If this sounds like you, you've come to the right post. In today's blog, we're going to cover how often you should replace your A/C unit and what a few telltale signs are that it's time to look into replacing your unit.

You should typically have your A/C unit replaced every 10-15 years. There's a wide range between 10-15 years depending on how well your unit has been maintained over time. If it was regularly serviced by A/C professionals, this can extend the lifespan of your unit significantly. However, if you've recently purchased a home with a unit that has seen better days or you're not quite sure the last time it was replaced, it's time for a consultation with our team to get an expert opinion on your next best steps to keep cool.

3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your A/C Unit

  1. Your energy bills are skyrocketing. Have you noticed a significant increase in your monthly energy bill? This could be due to your unit having to work overtime to keep up with the demand.

  2. Some of the rooms in your home aren't cooling as they should. Have you gone into one room and noticed a pretty significant difference in the temperature, even when the A/C has been running consistently? Your unit is most likely not working at optimum efficiency evenly dispersing air as it should.

  3. You've run into several costly repairs. There are most certainly times when a repair can get the job done and have your unit back up and running as it should. However, if you feel like you're dealing with costly repair after costly repair, it might be better in the long run for your bank account and your stress levels to go ahead and replace your unit. This usually comes with the peace of mind knowing you have a solid warranty covering your unit for a good amount of time as well, so there are plenty of pros to choosing this alternative to those overwhelming repair costs time and time again.

Call Troutman Heat & Air today to schedule a professional inspection and maintenance of your A/C at 501-350-3790.

Central Arkansas Heat & Air Company

Troutman Heating & Air has over 30 years of experience. During these 30 years, Jerry Troutman, owner, has developed the skills to repair all makes and models of heat pumps, conventional gas furnaces, and air conditioning systems. He can all change out your AC or Heat Units and install a new one.

Troutman Heat & Air is the right company to call when you need residential or commercial assistance with your Air Conditioning or Heater!

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